- Celebrating life and being a woman -

For her second collection, Marketa Schroll was inspired by her life as a woman. She loves everything about it. Especially, showing her femininity. The hand-drawn floral print, printed on sustainable Tencel reminds of the fun 70ies – an era which inspires her. She celebrates the freedom of wearing colors, prints and extravagant designs every day. Therefore, the new designs are unique but can be worn in daily life. The mix between 70ies inspired shapes as well as as her signature details like voluminous sleeves and shapes are characteristic for this collection. Many of the designs are created to be worn in different ways. Have fun and be creative with your unique pieces!

Maest 10460
Maest 9101
Printed Tencel Pants MAÉST
Maest 9708 Kopie
Maest 9827
Maest 10224
Maest 10448
Maest 8549
Maest 10684 scaled
Maest 11042 scaled
Maest 9357
Maest 10192
Maest 8774
Maest 10014 scaled
Maest 9633
Maest 8714
Maest 11100 scaled